D3Swimming.com Sells Out

Reel Big Fish said it best.

As you probably noticed, we now have ads on our website. For years, D3Swimming.com took the Facebook approach of growing without advertising so we could be cool (not really, we used to have some ads). Now we’re going full frontal attack on the ad space. We hope this doesn’t take away from your experience on the site, but we are investing a lot of time and effort to rehab the website, which had taken a Lindsey Lohan-esque turn. For this rehab, which is going better than Lindsey or Charlie’s, we’d like to get a little cash. It’s not much, obviously, but we hope you won’t judge us too harshly. Actually, we’ve had a couple people in the forums mention that we should be advertising, so I doubt this comes as a surprise to anyone.

If you have ideas or contacts to increase our ad revenue, please contact us and let us know.

Thanks for your continued support.

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