D3 Recruiting Report (Men’s)

By Seth Costello

There’s no doubt that the concept of Division III recruiting has suddenly evolved, not just swimming but all sports. The growing troubles and difficulties that surround contacting prospective athletes has been a nightmare, especially for coaches who are the least bit tech savvy (cough cough). So in an effort to inform you of the top recruits of the class of 2020, D3swimming.com is bringing you its very own recruiting report!

NCAA Division III Top 25 Recruits Class of 2020  (according to CollegeSwimming Power Index)

  1. Andrew Karpenko- Swarthmore (4.70)
  2. Jaden Luo- MIT (7.03)
  3. Kellen Roddy- Johns Hopkins (7.06)
  4. Edward Tay- Chicago (8.02)
  5. Ethan Russel Smith- Denison (9.72)
  6. Max Nonnenmacher- Kenyon (10.21)
  7. Nicolas Tekieli- Claremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps (10.85)
  8. Justin Limberg- Johns Hopkins (11.12)
  9. Larry Yu- Pimona-Pitzer (11.63)
  10. Alex Atherton- Williams (12.55)
  11. Noah Labich- Williams (12.67)
  12. Logan D’Amore- Emory (13.77)
  13. Anthony Fitzgerald- Wheaton (14.02)
  14. Kenneth Yeh- Wash U (14.42)
  15. Jake Meyer- Emory (14.96)
  16. James Tracey-Kenyon (15.21)
  17. Alex Ren- Johns Hopkins (15.31)
  18. Lucas Walker- Redlands (15.58)
  19. Alex Smigal- Coast Guard Academy (15.91)
  20. Nathan Early- Trinity TX (16.30)
  21. Andrew Crossley- Trinity TX (16.55)
  22. Jack Todd- Chicago (16.58)
  23. Kyle Hare- MIT (16.75)
  24. Leo Yang- CalTech (16.77)
  25. Daniel Pettyjohn- Coast Guard (17.01)
  26. Jay Heymenn- Johns Hopkins (17.43)

Notable Transfers

Luke Landis (Fresno Pacific to Denison) 1650 yard freestyle 15:35.88

One of the biggest notable moves throughout the postseason is Luke Landis moving from Fresno Pacific (D2) to powerhouse Denison (D3). Landis, an Ohio native decided after his first year of swimming with Fresno Pacific that he would be better suited at Denison University. Landis only raced the first six meets of the season and didn’t swim any end of the season races. This also surrounds a recent lawsuit that Fresno Pacific faced regarding an alleged excessive chlorine exposure where 13 of their athletes were hospitalized with various symptoms ranging from constant coughing to continuous pain. Landis will no doubt help Denison as he joins James Baker (15:32), Dayen Wilson (15:32) and Lukas Gately (15:33) who all would have placed top-8 at NCAA’s. There’s no doubt that Denison will have the strongest mile-crew heading into next season!

Notable Commits

Andrew Karpenko (Swarthmore) 100 Y Breast 54.22

Another stunner is Andrew Karpenko, he committed to swim at Swarthmore College, he currently holds the title as Minnesota’s number one recruit and has had notable swims including his 1:03.22 100 M Breast that qualified him for Olympic trials and to say the least was a personal best! There’s no doubt that this kid has got it in him, but what can he do at Swarthmore? Currently Swarthmore resides at 27th in the nation for D3, but with this addition to the team Swarthmore is going to be a contender. With a 54 on their 400 Medley relay they dropped 4 seconds from their previous time and slingshot them into contention for first place in the Centennial Conference. Moving on, this kid is going to open up a lot more exciting opportunities for Swarthmore that could be a top ten team soon!

Anthony Fitzgerald (Wheaton) 200 Y Breast 2:01.65

Another friend of ours to the west is Anthony Fitzerald, a Cali boy without the golden locks that chalks up some impressive times in the breaststroke. As a long distance breaststroker he flirts with the two minute barrier in the 200 but also brings to the table a 56.25 in the 100 Breast. He comes in with what will be the fastest times on Wheaton’s roster. This might be what Wheaton needed in terms of sending the program forward, all that’s missing is a couple more notable swimmers and Wheaton will be a tough team to beat!

Strongest Incoming Class

Johns Hopkins University

Going off the strict numbers it looks like Johns Hopkins incoming class is set to explode this upcoming year, with 4 guys in the top 26 recruits in the country Johns Hopkins stands alone as the best recruiter by the numbers. They first welcome Kellen Roddy, who brings in a 500 time that would currently put him 6th on the top times list in D3. Roddy’s mile would have put him 2nd on the top times list. Definitely a long distance freestyler that will make a large impact at Hopkins. Next is Justin Limberg who adds a valuable breaststroke leg to Hopkins, there’s no doubt that Karpenko, Fitzgerald and Limberg will be dueling it out at NCAA’s next year! The next commit that Hopkins welcomes is #17 Alex Ren, he’s an all around swimmer that looks very strong in Back and Fly, this will open up lots of possibilities for head coach Scott Armstrong and we’re starting to see them form along the lines of a pretty strong 400 Medley Relay. Lastly rounding out the class is Jay Heyman who is a strong short to mid-distance freestyler, fills in the back end of this class with solid times of 46.20 and 1:40.40. He will definitely be a helpful hand summing up this medley relay we’ve got here. This is a strong class from Armstrong, and one that will bring Johns Hopkins into final contention come March next year. Johns Hopkins has always been a contender at NCAA’s but is this class the final piece to the puzzle, can’t wait to find out!

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