D3 Recap – Weekend of October 29th

With the fall of 2011 quickly coming to a close, and winter fast approaching, numerous teams across Division III Swimming are heating up the pool with some wicked fast times. To start off the weekend, Kenyon faced off with Ohio State, and even though they lost to Ohio by 90 points, it was a jaw-dropping experience just looking at some of the times posted by the Lords. Zachary Turk looks to be the big name in the sprints again this year after posting two B-cut times of 20.69 in the 50 free, and a 45.79 in the 100 free. Add Ian Bakk, David Somers, and Ian Richardson into the mix, and you have a 200 free relay that crushed Ohio State with at time of 1:21.64, a time that would have placed 5th at Nationals last year. Hannah Saiz of the Kenyon Ladies won the 200 fly with a time of 2:04.58, and while the Ladies did not win either, they look strong with a fine freshman class of backstrokers Celia Oberholzer and Hannah Cooper.

That same evening, Kalamazoo men faced Wabash College, and the Kalamazoo women took on Saint Mary’s College of Indiana. K-Zoo’s women won 213 to 75, and the K-Zoo men won with 194 points to Wabash’s 106 points. The men started off the meet with a speedy 1:38.05 in the 200 medley relay consisting of Chris Manning, Dylan Shearer, Kevin Lodewyk, and Petar Simic, beating out Wabash by just over a second. The K-Zoo men are ranked 8th in the nation in D3 swimming right now, so we will hopefully more of them come March. K-Zoo’s women are ranked 18th in the nation, led by stars such as Alex Stephens and Katie Grue, who walked away with wins in the 100 fly and the 500 free. Wabash’s David Phillips and Andy Chorpenning took first and second in the 1000 free, with Phillips posting a 10:12 even. Distance events are very hard to gage this time of season since most schools are still in the preliminary stages of training, and most don’t have the endurance to really punch out some top-notch times, unless they have been training all summer. The past few years, the distance events have always been spectacular to watch at the high-level conference meets, since by then the teams have built up the stamina to really turn something as long and grueling as the mile, into an all out, fifteen minute dog-fight.

Speaking of fights, it really seemed like the battle was already won when St. Olaf walked into the St. Thomas relays meet this past Friday. The Ole’s beat out Carleton, Gustavus, St. Thomas, and Hamline. Michael Gratz of St. Olaf posted a 21.14 for his 50 free in the co-ed medley relay. But that did not stop St. Thomas, Carleton, and Gustavus from posting some pretty quick sprint times in the 200 relays. Erik Klontz of Carelton put up a 23.68 in the first 50 of the 300 fly relay. The St. Thomas ladies beat out Gustavus for the top spot in the 400 free relay with a time of 3:43.64, splitting a fair number of 56’s and one smoking 54.21 by Hayley Trace. The women of Gustavus Black put up a 1:39.01 for their 200 free relay, swum by Kelsey Lucia, Katie Olson, Alissa Tinklenberg, and Sarah Hund.  Gotta say, I wish I had been at that meet, just so I could experience what the ‘Animal Relay’ was like.

AND speaking of animals, the Depauw tigers and Washington University St. Louis bears (oh my!) faced each other in an exciting split meet. Depauw started out strong, finishing first in both the men’s and women’s 200 medley relay, with the women (Emma Haynes, Catie Baker, Marjorie Daily, and Nicole Rossillo) busting out a 1:52.38, and the men (George Morrison, Matt Kukurugya, Matt Gleason, and Alex Alfonso) going a 1:36.87. I said earlier that distance events are hard to gage this time of year, but that’s not stopping Casey Hooker of Depauw from putting up a 9:39.39 in his 100 free. That swim earned this freshman Swimmer of the Week for the NCAC. Someone’s been good with his summer training. Zane Turpin and Luke Dobben from Wash U. came right behind him with a 9:54.24 and a 9:57.71 respectively. Depauw’s Johnny Montgomery tore up the water with a 1:44.86 in the 200 free. And the race between Wash U.’s Zane Turpin and Depauw’s Matt Gleason in the 200 fly must have been epic to watch. Both men went 1:56, and Turpin beat out Gleason by just over one tenth of a second. We shall have to keep our eyes on these guys come conference season. And to top off this stellar meet, Anh Chi Pham of Wash U. led the Bears to victory over the tigers with a 2:10.94 in her 200 IM, and a 1:58.98 in her 200 free. Both teams are looking strong. Best of luck to Coach Cohen and Coach Shively, and a shout out to Coach Kaupp.

While the Tigers and Bears fought it out at Wash U., the Emory eagles stepped up their game and faced Division I Alabama University and Tulane University. While Alabama won the meet, the Emory women managed to beat out Tulane 184-110, and both the Eagle men and women showed why they are #2 and #1 in Division III swimming. The women went a 1:47.63 in their medley relay, and the men went 1:33.88. Emory’s freshman class are looking to be extremely strong, with McKenna Newsum-Schoenberg going 10:29.21 in the 1000 free and 5:05.37 in the 500, Nancy Larson’s B-cut in the 50-free (23.91) and 100 free (52.01), and Megan Beach’s 2:25.36 in the 200 breaststroke. Pat Augustyn flew through the 200 fly with a time of 1:52.82, and sophomore Jake Stephens puts up the fastest 200 IM this year with a 1:53.88. The men made yet another B-cut with their 200 free relay, with Ryan Bass, Richard Upton, Sean Ransenberg, and Ross Spock going a total of just 1:23.08. Wow. Coach Howell is out to win again this year.

What I would love to see is the match-up of Emory vs. Denison, but that’s not going to happen till March. So for now, we shall all just imagine it, and watch Denison continue to dominate. They faced off against Ohio Wesleyan this weekend, and both Big Red men and women won, the men winning 158-100, and the women 164-106. The men are looking as strong as ever, with their 200 medley going 1:36.18, sophomore Al Weik going 9:33.43 in the 1000 free, and Rob Barry going 50.65 in the 100 back. The Big Red men look strong across the board, with big names like Quinn Bartlett and Mike Barczak leading the pack.

Hope, Carthage, Albion, and Olivet Colleges took on each other in a quad meet on Saturday, with notable swims by Carthage’s Kyle Drake, who went a 1:54.41 in the 200 back, a 4:14.90 in the 400 IM, and Hope’s Sarah Sohn who won the 500 free with a 5:16.81 and the 200 fly with a 2:15.08. Olivet’s Caitlin Lohr went a 53.82 in the 100 free, and a 24.22 in her 50 free. Olivet and Carthage battled it out the entire meet, winning events left and right, but in the end the Olivet men won the meet, beating Carthage 216-98, Albion 265-65, and Hope 203-111. The Carthage women were successful, winning against Olivet 226-88, Albion 252-80, and Hope 191-148. The Carthage women were #14 in the nation last year, and the Hope women were #16. Hopefully we will see more of that matchup during conference season.

The University of Rochester hosted Carnegie Mellon, Case Western Reserve University, and NYU for an intense quad meet. The Carnegie Mellon ladies swept the meet, and the men won against Rochester and NYU, but fell to Case Western. What really made this meet interesting however, was the amount of events won by new and talented freshmen. Freshman from Case Western, Sean Nickley, won the 200 breaststroke with a 2:13.77, with freshman from CMU, Cole Um, coming in second with a 2:15.23. Freshman Andrew Yee from CMU also won the 200 free with a 1:46.45. And Alex Haufler of Case Western won the 200 back with a 1:56.66. For the women, freshman from Rochester, Teresa Xu, won the 500 with a 5:17.72, Wendy Liu of CMU won the 200 fly in a 2:14.99, Sara Tillie of Case Western won the 100 free in a 54.45, and Silke Herold of NYU won the 200 back with a 2:13.66. And at just 17 years of age, Lauren Bailey and Brian Wong of Rochester won their 100 fly events with a 59.30 and a 51.41. It seems young talent abounds in these schools. Bringing in such a strong freshman class bodes well for these teams, and we may be looking to them in future years as strong contenders in March.

So as Division III swimming moves on into November, be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming winter invite meets. For more information on meets and results, check team’s websites for details. For all things related to Division III swimming, check out d3swimming.com. If you would like to ensure your team’s results are looked over, please send the link to staff@d3swimming.com with a brief description of what to look for.

-Stephen Clendenin



Dates and scores:

10/28: Kenyon vs. Ohio State

10/28: Kalamazoo vs. Saint Mary’s College IN women (213-75)

10/28: Kalamazoo vs. Wabash College men (194-106)

10/28: St Olaf, University of St. Thomas, Gustavus Black, Carelton, St. Catherine University, Gustavus Gold, Hamline University, St. Mary’s University of Min., and Augsburg College Women.

10/28: St. Olaf, University of St. Thomas, Carelton, Gustavus Black, Saint Mary’s U. of Min., and Hamline U. Men.

10/29: Washington U. St. Loui women vs. DePauw women (168-126)

10/29: DePauw men vs. Washington men (173-120)

10/29: Emory vs. University of Alabama vs. Tulane Women

10/29: Emory vs. University of Alabama

10/29: Denison vs. Ohio Wesleyan women (158-100) men (164-106)

10/29: Carthage, Hope, Albion, and Olivet

10/29: NYU vs. Case vs. Rochester




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