D3 Recap: Weekend of November 4th and 5th

This weekend the Division III Swimming Regional Rankings came out, causing a buzz of excitement in the D3 swimming world.

In the coastal region for the women’s side, Emory leads the rankings with JHU and CMS coming in second and third. Stevens Institute of technology (fifth in the rankings) swam against Misercordia this weekend, and the lady ducks won the meet, putting up a 1:52.17 in the 200 medley relay, April Lawson winning the 100 breast with a 1:09.76 and the 100 free with a 54.90, and Sian Pearson going a 5:17.04 in the 500 free.

While the Emory men and JHU men lead the men’s rankings, Stevens has taken third place just behind them. Against the Misercordia men the ducks swam very well, winning the meet with leaders like junior Alexander Benham going 1:45.42 in his 200 free, and 4:46.30 in his 500 free, Shawn Hanak going 54.31 in his 100 back, and 22.08 in his 50 free, and John Hu winning the 100 breast with a 1:01.90, and the 200 IM with a 2:00.15.

This weekend, the meet everyone was waiting for happened in showdown of epic style. Kenyon versus Denison: In the Mideast rankings, the Denison women are in first, with Kenyon, Carengie Mellon, and Grove City coming in second, third, and fourth. For the men, Kenyon leads the rankings, with Denison, Olivet, Carnegie Mellon, and Kalamazoo coming in second, third, fourth, and fifth. This weekend, the Denison women beat Kenyon 127 to 114, and the Kenyon men beat Denison 131 to 112. A pretty close meet if you ask me. The first event of the night, the 400 medley relay, must have been amazing to watch. The Denison women, Sarah Yu, Natalie Lugg, Brenna Broadus, and Alyssa Swanson, went a 3:53.74, beating the Kenyon women, Rachel Flinn, Alisa Vershchagin, Hannah Saiz, and Anna Connolly, by .23 seconds. The Denison men followed their ladies up in fine fashion, winning their 400 medley relay (Quinn Bartlett, Damon Rsenburg, Robert Barry, and Mike Barczak) with a 3:25.68. With such stars like that leading the pack, who would think that Big Red can be beat? Al Weik from Denison even went a 9:31.45 in his 1000 free! But Kenyon showed up for the meet, out-touching the Denison men in some key events, including Ian Stewart-Bates’s 200 free (1:41.96), David Somers and Curtis Ramsey taking first and second in the 50 free (20.78 and 20.95 respectively), and Andrew Chevalier winning the 400 IM with a stunning 4:05.14. The Kenyon men took nearly every event, and topped it off with a 3:02.37 in the 400 free relay. For the women, Denison’s Alyssa Swanson took the 200 free with in incredible 1:52.68. Her teammate Morgan Nuess won the 50 free with a 23.96. Kellyn Caldwell of Kenyon crushed the 400 IM with a 4:30.54, and won the 500 free with a 5:05.88. What surprised me even more than Joe Pysnik’s 1:54.22 in the 200 fly however, was how deep both teams were. Both women’s teams went back and forth, winning first, second, and third places in a variety of events. Seems both teams brought in some strong talent.

In the Midwest regional rankings, for the women: Chicago takes first, while Wash U., Wheaton, UWEC, and DePauw taking second, third, fourth, and fifth. For the Midwest men, DePauw takes first, with Chicago, UWSP, and Wash U. taking second, third, and fourth. In a Midwest battle of the titans, Chicago and Wash U. took on one another this weekend. Chicago won both sides of the meet, with the women leading 187-107, and the men 164-134. Chicago’s Vivian Yuen swam a 4:38.15 in the 400 IM, and 2:09.06 in the 200 back. Tara Levens from Chicago and Anh Chi Pham from Wash U tore up the 100 back, both of them going under a minute, with Levens going 59.12 and Pham going 59.38. Freshman from Chicago, Bizzy Millen won the 200 free with a 1:57.97. Freshman Sara Taege from Wash U and junior Kate Taylor from Chicago battle it out in the 500 free, and Taege ends up on top with a 5:13.85 and Taylor goes 5:13.89. Close race! Andrew Angeles from Chicago (FR) goes 2:08.81 in the 200 breast, and 58.05 in the 100 breast. Jason Wan from Wash U goes 1:57.99 in the 200 back. Freshmen Zane Turpin and Luke Dobben get first and second in the 200 fly, with senior Christopher Valach coming in third. All three of them went 1:58’s.

In a Mideast versus Midwest meet, Calvin College took on Wheaton College this weekend. Surprising a lot of people, these two colleges have risen up and shown Division III what small conservative colleges can do. Wheaton’s women are ranked third in the Midwest region and their men are eighth. Calvin’s women are fifth in the Mideast, and the men are tenth. Calvin won the meet, with the women going 147-137, and them going 169-129. For the men, Calvin’s Peter Johnson went a 2:01.69 in his 200 fly, and Greg Gorham and Stephen Craft placed first and second in the 100 breast with a 1:01.94 and a 1:02.10 respectively. For the women, Elizabeth Counsell from Calvin won the 100 breast with an impressive 1:07.61, and Wheaton’s Carlie Herich went a 2:12.24 in her 200 backstroke. Some of the best races I wish I had seen came from the women’s 100 free, with Calvin’s Stephie Fox out-touching Wheaton’s Kelly Ormond by .47 seconds, going 55.02 and 55.49 respectively. Another great race was between Wheaton’s Wills Francis and Calvin’s Andrew Mitchell 100 backstroke: Francis out-touched Mitchell by .1 seconds, going 55.13, while Mitchell went 55.23. What a race that must have been. The close races are always the most exciting ones to experience firsthand.

In the Mideast: Westminster versus Allegheny. The Westminster women won 169-110, and the Allegheny men won, 161-127. Some of the highlights include Allegheny’s Brandon Intrieri going 50.74 in his 100 fly, just missing the NCAA B-cut, and also going an quick 47.82 in his 100 free. Westminster’s Caitlin Lehberger won the 200 breast by 12 seconds with a time of 2:28.07, and went 1:07.65 in her 100 breast. Allegheny’s Mirno Pasquali went a 1:54.98 in his 200 backstroke. Westminster’s Erin Erdley went a 2:13.72 in her 200 backstroke. Congrats to both teams!

St. Cloud State faced off against ninth ranked Mideast team Gustavus Adolphus. St. Cloud won both meets, with their women going 186-100, and the men going 204-98. St. Cloud’s Kirsten Koetter went 58.96 in her 100 fly, beating out the competition quite soundly. In another great race, Jasmine Lee of St. Cloud and Alissa Tinklenberg of Gustavus went head to head in the 200 back. Lee beat out Tinklenberg by .04 seconds, going a 2:11.34. Napoleon Howell of St. Cloud went a 57.54 in his 100 breast. His teammate and fellow breaststroker Amber Alexander of St. Cloud went a 1:06.04 in her 100 breast. St. Cloud’s Bob Simson went a 53.79 in his 100 back, and Jennifer Strom of Gustavus went a 2:18.37 in her 200 IM. The Gustavus ladies finished up the meet by winning the 200 free relay, with Allyson Hannemann, Serena Elthon, Sarah Hund, and Kelsey Lucia going 1:39.18.

Carnegie Mellon, whose women are ranked third in the Mideast and the men are ranked fourth faced off against Clarion this weekend. While the impressive coaching of Matthew Kinney continue to wow spectators, Clarion is looking really good. They started off the meet with two medley relays going first and second with a 1:50.10 and a 1:51.60. Benjamin Appleby of Clarion and Brandon Yee of CMU battle it out in the 200 free. Appleby ends up going a 1:45.23, just barely beating Yee’s 1:45.87. Clarion’s Kayla Shull goes a 58.06 in her 100 back and a 53.18 in her 100 free. CMU’s Anton Razanav goes a 54.35 in his 100 back and a 1:57.08 in his 200 back. Clarion’s Morgan Oberlander goes a 2:09.39 in her 200 fly and wins the 500 free with a 5:15.66. CMU’s Daniel Glaser-Garbrick wins the 200 fly with a 1:57.15. In what must have been quite the race to watch, Clarion’s Madison Sewell just barely out-touched CMU’s Vivian Wong in the 200 breast. Sewell went a 2:27.97, and Wong went a 2:27.98. A lot of close races this weekend! CMU’s Andrew Yee went a 4:46.48 in his 500 free. The Clarion women finish the meet with a 1:40.18 in the 200 free relay, and the men just barely beat out CMU’s 1:28.55 with a 1:27.13 in their 200 free relay.

Also in the Mideast, Ohio Northern University met up with Wooster this weekend. Ohio Northern’s Michelle Eggers went an impressive 11:13.28 in her 1000 free. Ohio Northern’s Michael Schultz went a 10:03.79 in his 1000 free and a 4:51.41 in his 500 free. Brian Maddock and Alex Lajoie of Wooster went 54.26 and 55.45 in their 100 back respectively. In another fantastic close race, Peter Parisi of Wooster beat out Andrew Keriazes of Ohio Northern in the 100 breast, with Parisi going 59.14 and Keriazes going 59.57. Parisi also went a 52.11 in his 100 fly later in the meet. Melissa Haug of Wooster went a 2:14.97 in her 200 fly. Jordan Breitigam of Ohio Northern went a 1:58.65 in his 200 fly. In one of the several 400 IM races done this weekend, Taylor McCabe of Ohio Northern went a 4:47.03 for the women, and Andrew Keriazes went a 4:21.56. The Ohio Northern men finished the meet with a 1:28.89 in their 200 free relay.

In the coastal region, the Redlands are tied for eighth place on the women’s side, and tied for fourth place on the men’s side. Redlands, California Baptist University, and California State University East Bay faced off this weekend in a tri-meet, with California Baptist winning both sides of the meet. Some of the highlights of the meet were Jenel Lopez of California State going 1:57.44 in her 200 free, and she also won the 50 free with a 25.03, and the 100 free with a 54.07. Austin Aberle of California Baptist went a 1:45.79 in his 200 free and won the 500 free with a 4:48.51. In another close race, Alyssa Tenney of California State beat out Norra Stroh of California Baptist with a 1:03.00, while Stroh went a 1:03.37. Stroh later came back in the 200 back and won by .1 seconds with a 2:14.30. Impressive swims ladies! Jeffrey Depew of Redlands went a 53.48 in his 100 back, and 1:58.32 in his 200 back. Kyndal Terwilliger of California Baptist went a 2:11.29 in her 200 fly, and her teammate Tai Nuntapramote went a 1:57.96 in his 200 fly. Nuntapramote later went an amazing 51.89 in his 100 fly. Matthew Chong of California Baptist won the 200 breast by 10 seconds with a time of 2:12.54. Adriana Quezada of California Baptist went a 5:20.03 in her 500 free. To finish off the meet, the teams went head to head in one of the few 800 free relays swum this weekend. California State won on the women’s side with a 8:09.50, and California Baptist won on the men’s side with a time of 7:13.75.

There were a lot of very impressive times posted this weekend. I am sure more are soon to come later in November. Just as the turkeys fly in for Thanksgiving, Division III Swimmers and coaches are all making sure they are well prepared for future meets. With such impressive times put up by various contenders, I am thinking the rankings might be changing her pretty soon. As always, if you would like to see your meet featured in the D3 Swimming weekly recap, please email us at staff@d3swimming.com with a brief description of what to look for. To all athletes and coaches out there, keep working hard and swimming fast!

-Stephen Clendenin



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