D3 Recap: Weekend of November 11th – 13th, 2011

By Stephen Clendenin

This weekend was quite the weekend for fast swimming. New and faster times are being posted all the time, and even as many of us fight the sickness that comes to most people as the weather changes, still more have stepped up to the challenge, and swum fast all weekend.

Gustavus faced off against St. Olaf this weekend. Gustavus women won 161-139, and the St. Olaf men won 176-112. Some of the highlights include Lauren Snyder of St. Olaf going 11:14.66 in her 1000 free. Spencer Scarth and Evan Griffith of St. Olaf go 10:06.10 and 10:07.10 respectively. Scarth also went a 4:46.13 in his 500 free. Chase Liaboe of St. Olaf swam a 1:47.31 in his 200 free. Michael Gratz of St. Olaf busted out a 53.96 in the 100 back, and won the 100 free with a 48.00. Colby Kubat of St. Olaf went a 59.17 in his 100 breast. Lydia Feldman of St. Olaf went a 2:13.04 in her 200 fly. Kelsey Lucia of Gustavus went a 24.68 in her 50 free. There was a great race between Gustavus’s Alissa Tinklenberg and St. Olaf’s Carolyn Bernhardt. Tinklenberg just barely out-touched Bernhardt’s 2:10.87 with a 2:10.57. Tinklenberg also won the 500 free with a 5:15.89. Lindsey Lee of St. Olaf just barely beat out Gustavus’s Jennifer Strom by 0.25 seconds in the 200 IM with a 2:16.36

In the match-up of Hope College vs. Calvin College, the Calvin men win 148-146, and the Calvin women win 144-133. Patrick Frayer of Hope went a 21.86 in his 50 free, and then follows it up with an amazing 47.86 in his 100 free. Nicholas Hazekamp of Hope went a 2:00.75 in his 200 back. Michael Huisingh of Hope and Travis Vincent of Calvin battled out the 200 breast, with Huisingh winning, going 2:14.84 and Vincent going 2:15.14. Then, in the 100 fly, another epic race went down. Calvin’s Mark Rushlow and Peter Johnson went 1st and 2nd with a 54.60 and a 54.61 respectively, with Brian Yount of Hope coming in 3rd with a 54.95. The Calvin men finished up the meet with Stephen Craft and Travis Vincent going 1st and 2nd in the 200 IM with a 2:03.06 and a 2:03.49 respectively. The whole meet was a close one, with Calvin beating out Hope by just a two point margin. On the women’s side, Sarah Sohn of Hope started the meet off fast with a 10:45.74 in her 1000 free, and later won the 500 free with a 5:16.55. Maria Kieft of Hope won the 100 back with a 1:02.95. Elizabeth Counsell of Calvin won the 100 breast with a 1:09.97. Erin Holstad of Hope won the 100 fly with a 1:00.69.

DePauw out-swam Wabash this weekend with the DePauw men winning 205-89. DPU’s men started off strong with a 1:36.61 in the 200 medley relay consisting of George Morrison, Matt Gleason, Johnny Montgomery, and Alex Alfonso. DPU’s Casey Hooker swam a 9:41.77 in his 1000 free, and late won the 500 free with a 4:40.35. DPU’s George Morrison won the 100 back with a 54.41, followed closely by Wabash’s Aaron Troyer with a 54.55. DPU’s Matt Gleason swam a 1:56.04 in his 200 fly, and a 51.88 in his 100 fly, followed closely in the 100 fly by Wabash’s Carter Adams, who swam a 53.82. DPU’s Alex Alfonso swam a 47.67 in his 100 free. In a close race, Aaron Troyer of Wabash beat out George Morrison from DPU in the 200 back, with Troyer going 1:59.40, and Morrison going a 1:59.51. Close race! DPU’s Jordan Banista swam a 2:12.23 in his 200 breast. No wonder DPU is ranked first in the Midwest region.

In a close meet, Grove City faced off against Carnegie Melon. The Grove City women won 162-136, and CMU men won 180-109. The Grove City women start off with Lauren Cassano, Kate Wilt, Katie Riesmeyer, and Angela Palumbo going 1:50.15 in the 200 medley relay. Victoria Adams of CMU swam a 10:56.71 in her 1000 free. In a close race, CMU’s Brandon Yee beat out Grove City’s Kirk Gagliardo in the 200 free, with Yee going 1:45.44 and Gagliardo going 1:45.98. Breanna Stillo of CMU swam a 1:08.35 in her 100 breast. Clay Beckner of Grove City swam a 1:00.47 in his 100 breast. Katie Riesmeyer of Grove City swam a 2:11.10 in her 200 fly, and later won the 100 fly with a 58.61. Grove City’s Angela Palumbo busted out a 24.68 in her 50 free, winning by just under a second. She followed that up with a win in the 100 free going 53.48. Eddie Sears of CMU won the men’s 50 free with a 21.82. CMU’s Debbie Lin won the 200 back by four seconds with a 2:10.02. CMU’s Cole Um won the 200 breast with a 2:13.85, out-touching Grove City’s Clay Beckner, who went a 2:14.57. CMU’s Victoria Adams got a close race from Grove City’s Jenny Ryan in the 500 free. Adams went a 5:19.08, and Ryan went a 5:19.86. What a race that must have been! But it wasn’t over for Ryan. She later gave CMU’s Soleil Phan a good run in the 200 IM. Ryan went 2:14.76, with Phan just 0.23 seconds ahead with a 2:14.53. Grove City’s Ben Bowser won the men’s 200 IM with a 1:58.61. The Grove City women finished the meet with Amy Melnik, Janele Baglia, Jenna Richert, and Jenny Ryan going 3:41.97 in the 400 free relay.

In a Division 1 versus Division 3 face-off, Miami University met with Kenyon this weekend. Miami won both meets, going 167-119 on the women’s side, and 163-135 on the men’s side. In a meet like this, speed is to be expected. Freshman Colton Spark from Kenyon and Andrew Chevalier got first and second in the 1000 free, with Spark going 9:38.76 and Chevalier going 9:45.90. Ian Stewart-Bates of Kenyon won the 200 free with a 1:42.64, and later won the 100 free with a 45.67. Kenyon’s Jimmy Chapman went a 52.56 in his 100 back. Ian Richardson swam a 21.21 in his 50 free. Alex Beckwith of Kenyon won the 200 breast with a 2:09.58. Colton Spark managed to win the 500 free with a 4:43.52, with Alex Reinhardt and Sean Minderlein of Miami-Ohio right behind him going 4:43.54 and 4:43.74 respectively. What a race! For the women’s side, Syd Lindblom of Kenyon won the 1000 free with a 10:35.89. Celia Oberholzer went a 58.91 in her 100 back. Alisa Vereshchagin got second in the 100 breast with a 1:07.49, and later went a 2:25.09 in the 200 breast. Anna Connolly went a 52.85 in her 100 free. Kellyn Caldwell swam a 2:09.55 in her 200 fly, but I’m sure anyone who saw the results was wondering where Kenyon’s Hannah Saiz was during that race. Jourdan Cline of Kenyon went a 59.82 in the 100 fly. The Kenyon ladies finished the meet with Anna Connolly, Meghan Quinn, Jourdan Cline, and Kellyn Caldwell going a 1:37.54 in the 200 free relay.

Carthage had a meet against Illinois Wesleyan this weekend. Carthage won on both sides, with the women winning 156-106, and the men going 137-96. On the women’s side, the Titans put up a great fight, with some great wins, such as Angela Lugg going 1:57.36 in the 200 free, Andrea Peterson going 59.21 in the 100 back, and Lizzie Egan going 1:09.96 in the 100 breast. The Titan men saw wins with Mikey Firth going 52.27 in the 100 back (wow!), and swimming a 2:02.62 in his 200 IM. For Carthage, the men had Kyle Rasmussen swim a 1:02.85 in his 100 breast, Ryan Ortmann swam a 21.74 in the 50 free, and most impressively, Kyle Drake winning the 200 back with a 1:52.97. Adam Van Huis of Carthage also won the 200 breast with a 2:17.83. The Carthage ladies had Susan Peinsipp win the 100 fly with a 1:00.19, Ashley Gladis win the 200 IM with a 2:15.12, and Natalia Bialecka winning the 100 free with a 55.58.

In a tri-meet this weekend, Ohio Northern University faced off against Hillsdale College and Olivet. After a year off, Michael Schultz of ONU comes back in fine form, winning the 1000 free with a 10:00.74, and the 500 free with a 4:49.12. Other impressive times were seen at this meet, such as Olivet’s Brock Jackson going a 1:46.90 in his 200 free, and his teammate Caitlin Lohr going a 24.47 in her 50 free. ONU’s Cait Munro won the 100 fly with a 1:01.92, and her teammate Jordan Breitigam won the men’s 100 fly with a 52.60. Rachel Kurtz of Hillsdale swam an impressive 53.97 in her 100 free. Linda Okonkowski of Hillsdale won the 500 free with a 5:17.08. ONU’s Drew Keriazes won the 100 breast with a 1:00.93.

In another tri-meet, Wheaton faced off against NYU and U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Highlights: Molly Rippe of NYU swam a 10:54.71 in the 1000 free. Cole Talbott of NYU went a 1:45.56 in his 200 free, and later swam a 4:48.24 in his 500 free, just barely beating out Coast Guard’s Marco Tinari who went 4:48.70. Christian Brindamour of Coast Guard went a 54.98 in his 100 back. Kevin Smit of Coast Guard went a 1:58.93 in his 200 fly. Silke Herold of NYU won the 200 back with a 2:14.38. Bryson Naylor of NYU and Derrian Duryea of Coast Guard raced in the 200 breast, with Naylor coming in first with a 2:13.19, and Duryea coming in second with a 2:13.31. In the women’s 100 fly, Noel Elgamal of NYU got first with a 1:01.02, Chantel Ferguson of Coast Guard got second with a 1:02.04, and Cara Morris of Wheaton got third with a 1:02.86. And in the final 400 free relay, Coast Guard’s Caitlyn Gever, Sarah Jane Otey, Chantel Ferguson, and Heidi Gaymon came in first with a 3:45.63, followed by the Wheaton women, Adrianne Madden, Caroline Isaacs, Sarah Miller, and Cara Morris who went 3:50.06. The Coast Guard men won their relay, with Brian McGuiness, Johnson Knox, Derrian Duryea, and Dan Beshoar going 3:12.93.

This weekend the Redlands Pentathlon put up some fast times this weekend. Markus Baumgartner from Chapman University went a 51.51 in his 100 fly, followed by Tyler Harp from Redlands with a 52.50. Christine Tixier of Biola University went a 1:07.21 in her 100 breast, and Marc Okimura from La Verne University went 1:00.22 in his 100 breast. Alexandra Lincoln from Pomona-Pitzer Colleges went a 53.98 in her 100 free, and Tyler Harp of Redlands finished first in the 100 free with a 47.04.

Other fast times from this weekend include Billy DeBoissiere of Saint Mary’s College of Maryland swimming a 10:00.82 in his 1000 free, and 2:11.64 in his 200 breast. Doug Murray of Dickinson College swam a 21.83 in the 50 free, and a 48.20 in his 100 free. Kelly Heyde of Saintt Mary’s swam a 2:14.62 in her 200 IM. Jordan DeGayner of Colorado College went a 1:45.79 in his 200 free, and a 51.56 in his 100 fly.

Kaite Joseph of Gannon University swam a 24.87 in her 50 free at the Gannon vs. Allegheny meet. That same meet, Brandon Intrieri of Allegheny swam a 21.21 in his 50 free, a 50.50 in his 100 fly, Stephanie Graham of Gannon swam a 4:46.40 in her 400 IM, Mirno Pasquali of Allegheny swam a 53.05 in his 100 back, and the Gannon 200 free relays won with the women going 1:42.79, and the men going 1:27.76.

And finally, Emory had their invitational this weekend. As was expected, Emory, Dynamo Swim Club, and Swim Atlanta put up some amazing times. The Dynamo women started off the first session with Kylie Stewart, Haley Durmer, Nicole Stafford, and Kaitlin Kitchens going a 1:37.09 in the 200 free relay. Kylie Stewart later won the 500 free with a 4:59.24. Taylor Schick of Swim Atlanta went a 2:04.69 in her 200 IM, and then won the 50 free with an incredible 23.77. Bentz Gunnar of Dynamo won the men’s 200 IM with a 1:52.49, and Jake Stephens of Emory came in second with a 1:53.85. The Emory men finished the first day with Jared Dubnow, Justin Beegle, Patrick Augustyn, and Jake Stephens going 3:29.09 in the 400 medley relay. On day two, Dynamo’s Kylie Stewart, Jamie Christy, Nicole Stafford, and Mary Kathryn Terry won the 200 medley relay with a 1:47.08, just barely out-touching Emory’s 1:47.41 relay consisting of Sadie Nenning, Jen Aronoff, Leslie Hackler, and Claire Pavlak. Klye Stewart later won the 400 IM with a 4:28.84. Jay Litherland of Dynamo won the 400 IM for the men with a 4:03.66. Andrejs Duda of Swim Atlanta won the men’s 100 fly with a 49.56, he won the 100 breast with a 57.21, and still managed to pull out a 50.44 in his 100 back. Emory’s Patrick Augustyn came in second in the 100 fly with a 50.98. Anthony McMurry of Swim Atlanta won the 200 free with a 1:42.05. Kylie Stewart also won the 100 back with a 56.45, and Sadie Nenning of Emory came in second with a 57.38.

So much fast swimming this weekend, it makes me wonder if they can get any faster. Many of the times that were posted were faster than last year for a lot of teams, which bodes well for some really good Conference times come February. Division 3 swimming just keeps getting faster and faster. And with Division 1 schools like UMD possibly cutting their programs, many fast swimmers are looking at Division 3 schools. National cut times might just be getting faster the next few years. Anyone putting up a theory that there will be a Division 4 one day? Only time will tell. For now, we have some amazing swimmers working hard, and putting up fast times. Keep up the good work swimmers and coaches! And if you would like to see your school featured in the weekly recap, contact us at staff@d3swimming.com with a brief description of what to look for. Swim fast everyone!

-Stephen Clendenin



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