Are the ‘B’ Cuts Too Fast?? – Part I

Chris and Jake will discuss this item back and forth to make their case. You can decide for yourself who won and who lost. Josh: Hey Guys, are the B cuts too fast now? Jake: I, for one, think the individual ‘B’ cut times are too fast.  We can talk about relays later if we … Read more Are the ‘B’ Cuts Too Fast?? – Part I

Dual Meet Tournament – Proposal #1

The Duel of Duals What? 8 Women’s Teams 8 Men’s Teams 24 Dual Meets 3 Days 1 Champion per sex Lots of cuts Lots of excitement Where? I’ll set the stage with our host, the University of Chicago. While the seating is limited, you swim wall to wall and this swims you towards the crowd, … Read more Dual Meet Tournament – Proposal #1

The Key to Fast Swimming – Part II

Part I. Power – The stronger you are, the more water you can pull, the faster your propulsion.  That is the basic theory behind power training.  This incorporates aspects of technique, intensity, and volume into the training.  This year the team has used power towers and parachutes on a regular basis, and the team and … Read more The Key to Fast Swimming – Part II

The Key to Fast Swimming – Part I

The key to fast swimming is in the volume of yards you swim.  Or is it about the intensity of those yards?  Maybe the key to swimming fast is about the efficient use of energy through technique.  But being strong and powerful is important to swimming fast as well.  Well if power and strength are … Read more The Key to Fast Swimming – Part I

Our National Host

At the end of this winter the NCAA D-III  Swimming and Diving Championship meet will be hosted at The University of Tennessee’s fantastic new Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center, completed in 2008.  Since it is a new site for our championship meet it may be useful to take an introductory glance before we all head … Read more Our National Host

And Now for the Airing of Grievances…

Dear D3 swimming coaches and voters, I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re all gonna hear about it! The most recent poll came out and the Kenyon women are ranked ahead of Emory, albeit by 3 points (god knows I have no idea how the scoring works). The fact … Read more And Now for the Airing of Grievances…

Dive Right In

Too often, divers get overlooked for their contribution to the team and many people do not honor and appreciate their dedication to the sport.  Yesterday, I had to witness the physical and mental toughness of our Wabash divers first hand.  Usually, I don’t get to watch Jake and Jake as much as I would like … Read more Dive Right In

RE: Amanda Beard’s Book

This isn’t a book report. I haven’t read the book and from the looks of things, no one has because it hasn’t been written yet. That won’t stop me from commenting on the subject matter though. I saw the announcement today on, which can be found here. It didn’t surprise me, nor should it surprise … Read more RE: Amanda Beard’s Book


Welcome to, we’re currently undergoing some changes, so the current homepage will replace the old one for the time being. The forums are still available here and from the link in the upper left. We’ll be sending more information soon, please contact Mike and Josh if you have any questions or want to get … Read more Welcome!