Kalamazoo @ Hope

“As long as that rivalry remains within the spirit of competition, it can only spur everyone on.” – Eric Cantona Earlier this week, the Holland Sentinel ran a cover story on The Rivalry, the nationally-recognized rivalry between the Hope and Calvin men’s basketball teams. On the college basketball court, this rivalry ranks among the most prominent … Read more Kalamazoo @ Hope

Featured Forum Post – Williams vs Amherst Preview

This Saturday will mark the annual clash between the men (and women) of the Williams and Amherst swim/dive teams. While the Williams men have won five of the last six meetings between the teams, the balance of power seems to have tipped to Amherst thanks to a core roster of NCAA-level superstars and a deep … Read more Featured Forum Post – Williams vs Amherst Preview

Are the ‘B’ Cuts Too Fast?? – Part II

Part I Josh: Do you agree, Jake? Jake: Oh my good friend and former roommate, Coach Hamstra… I’ve got a few things to say. First things first, yes, the finances are limited.  But the faster ‘B’ cuts don’t have ANYTHING to do with the number of athletes actually invited to the meet.  The per diem … Read more Are the ‘B’ Cuts Too Fast?? – Part II

Are the ‘B’ Cuts Too Fast?? – Part I

Chris and Jake will discuss this item back and forth to make their case. You can decide for yourself who won and who lost. Josh: Hey Guys, are the B cuts too fast now? Jake: I, for one, think the individual ‘B’ cut times are too fast.  We can talk about relays later if we … Read more Are the ‘B’ Cuts Too Fast?? – Part I

Dual Meet Tournament – Proposal #1

The Duel of Duals What? 8 Women’s Teams 8 Men’s Teams 24 Dual Meets 3 Days 1 Champion per sex Lots of cuts Lots of excitement Where? I’ll set the stage with our host, the University of Chicago. While the seating is limited, you swim wall to wall and this swims you towards the crowd, … Read more Dual Meet Tournament – Proposal #1