2 Point Battle

2 Top 25 teams saw their dual meet come down to just 2 points. On Saturday, #5 Kalamazoo defeated #21 University of Chicago at Kalamazoo, by just 2 points. It wasn’t just the final score that was close either. The top 3 100 backstrokers were within half a second, the 500 scoring was decided by less than 3.5 seconds (that’s 1st to 5th) and 2nd and 3rd place spots in the 200 medley relays were also decided by less than a second, just for example.

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  1. Not to be a downer, or anti Kalamazoo… but how are they ranked #5? I only really know the NESCAC, but based on these results, vs another top 25 team, from the NESCAC I could see Amherst, Williams, Tufts, and probably Conn beating up on them pretty badly. I know KZOO is really fast at nationals, mainly due to Flemming, Bazzel, and Paul Ellis (who graduated right?). I think the rankings are going to need a HUGE shuffle before the conference meets start.

    • Matt,
      The polls are a joke. Most of the people/coaches voting hardly look at the facts. It is call the dual meet poll, but it really can’t be called that.
      Here is example for you think about: two teams ranked 17 and 18 in November go head to head in a dual meet in November with the lower ranked team walks out a 30+point winner and they drop out of the December poll and the losing team not only stays in the rankings but doesn’t drop at all. Really they should be called the good old boy rankings/based on last years finish at NCAA’s.

      In any true ranking system if school A goes head to head with school B and B takes them out, be it close or gives them the business. School B should move up in the ranks not drop out of the top 25. voters get a clue or don’t vote.

  2. I don’t think that’s completely offbase, though throwing in Conn is probably not helping the argument. I would say that in a true dual meet, Williams and Amherst would beat Kzoo.

    Kzoo, however, has going for it that they swam very well at midseason with a lot of top end caliber swims. They will also once again be a top 10 teams with eyes on top 6 at nats. Should any of this mean anything in a “dual meet poll”? Probably not, but a lot of coaches don’t follow dual meet results closely enough to know.

  3. I definitely think that the polls are a joke, and as you said, are mainly based on a) mid-season taper times for some schools, b) only the very top times for those schools’ swimmers, and c) name recognition. It definitely seems that the poll at the D1 level is taken much more seriously, because often times the winner of that poll isn’t the team that wins NCAAs. I sort of wish the coaches would take a bit more time in looking through the teams to rank them more appropriately. But hey, I’m not a coach, and who am I to say what to do. Coaches have enough on their hands. Maybe they should make the polls more like how the baseball HOF is voted – a group of say 300 individuals around the country, alumni of schools and people who follow the sport seriously, along with some coaches who have proven to be thorough in their assessment of teams, and that’s the poll. That’d be cool.

    • D3swimming.com is planning a poll of our own. The plan is to have a small group of coaches/interested people who are dedicated to researching all teams and removing any bias. I think this will help, but I’m biased about it. I don’t know for sure that we’ll be able to get it out this year, but for sure next year.


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