100 IM?!?

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    Soooo the NCAA just approved the 100 IM in competition for dual meets and conference meets heading into next season. While I don’t anticipate the MIAA adopting it this year it’s definitely fun to speculate.

    I think Orwin and Meyer would have to be the front runners here on the women’s side. Meyer has shown plenty of speed, splitting 23.mid her freshman year on the 200 free relay. I’m not sure what to make of her breaststroke though — it’d be easier to hide in a 100 IM though. At the end of the day it’d be pretty tough to bet against Orwin though, especially after the way she swam at NC’s.

    On the men’s side I think I like Tostado. Splits 20’s in relays, 45 gun start 100 free, and won the 200 IM last year. I do think a darkhorse that I’ve never seen swim the IM could be Holstege though. Solid flyer, no idea on the backstroke, phenomenal sprint breaststroker and has great freestyle speed.

    All time on the men’s side is another fun topic. Manning? Latham? Fleming? Boumgarden? Fiorillo? Dekker? Nelis? Maybe Fiorillo doesn’t belong in that conversation and I have my bias but the dude split 21.7 in the fly and was a 58 breaststroker. His backstroke wasn’t that bad 😀

    If anyone was wondering, this event would insert on Saturday right after the 1,650 and before the 200 backstroke.

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    No doubt Orwin would be the favorite on the women’s side.

    For the men, I think SeaBass would be the favorite. However, close behind I would put his teammates Alday and Belmore. Both have sprint speed and both can throw down in the 2 IM. Albion could have a sick 4 x 100 IM relay at the relay meet, if they stack it. I would definitely throw Cochran and Holstege in the mix as well.

    As far as the best that could have been, I would go with Manning. Behind him some combo of Nelis, Dekker and Lodewyk.

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    I second Manning for the fastest 1 IM. I will also add Matt Rose and Spenser Johnson. IIRC, both went pretty fast in the 1 IM at an alumni meet. I am sure there are plenty of others that should be added to the mix.

    Fleming is out exclusively for his one weakness; sloth-like breastroke. Similar to Fonzy’s sitting-in-a-chair backstroke.

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    Agreed on Orwin, would throw Edsal in there as well for raw sprint ability. It’s only a 25 of each stroke and that could hide some deficiencies. Most people can fake a 25 convincingly enough. For that same reason I’d say Fleming might do alright, though I’d still put Manning ahead of him.

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    I’d throw Emily Roberts in the mix, maybe ahead of Orwin, Calvin/MIAA (?) record holder in the 200IM and 1:02 BR, split 28 in BR, split 23 in FR relay,… Breastrokers always have the trump card, even in the 100IM.

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    while I’m at it, throw Weima in there, she went 58 FL/1:00 BK in dual meets, obviously great FR, and could “hide” BR in the 100 IM with the best of them.

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