Grant Anger; Fly Legend

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Grant Anger; Fly Legend

Postby Ghost of Fleming » Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:58 am

Who knew that Grant Anger could be the most lethal flyer in the conference? Surely Juicy J didn't know what was about to happen when he tossed him in the 100 fly this weekend. I could not believe my eyes watching that swim, it truly made me feel pure passion for how godly that race was. He was out in a 19.01, the fastest 50fly ever in history, I could only compare the first 50 to watching Phelps make a love child with Jesus. Every person in attendance sobbed from how arousing the race was. The beauty and grace, him powering with each long pull. The race ended magically with a 48.23. He clearly cruised the back half, taunting those in the pool to even attempt to try at catching him. I only can imagine what he goes tapered and suited. It could possibly be so amazing that the watching it might blind mortal men, and even the gods themselves will weep

That fly was truly..........orgasmic
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