Hope v Kzoo

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Hope v Kzoo

Postby Fireball27 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:35 pm

:shock: Big meet this weekend in the MIAA (aa), thoughts on the meet? Could have gone either way. Back and forth all meet with it all coming down to the final relay in the final race at K's Natatorium. Surprising races of the meet? People to look out for at League's?
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Re: Hope v Kzoo

Postby Crash Bandicoot » Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:27 pm

*cracks fingers*

First of all, what an awesome meet! It was an absolute electric factory the entire meet. Here's a few things that caught my attention and deserve a mention...

1.Lineups --- I will never understand the reason Kzoo puts their studs (Stille, Roberts, Shaker) in a relay they can easily go 1st and 2nd without them. Kzoo easily claims 1st in the 200 Medley with a 1:37.96 and their B Relay edges out Hope's "A" for second with 1:41.08 and 1:42.05, respectively. In a meet this close with Hope not stacking the 200 Medley, you have to use your studs in 3 individuals and one relay. Hope sits the Dan Bros in order to go after the 400 free relay at the end. Patnott and Taber just simply out-coached Kzoo here.

2. Daniel "Ice In My Veins" Keith --- This kid is DAWGGG. Talk about big fish in a small pond since transferring from the Air Force Academy. The guy can swim almost everything. Keith easily takes both Back events as well as the 100 fly with a 51.34. Just a bit off from his mid-season time of 50.90. Also, busted out a 1:53.11 in the 200 back, last week at the Illinois-Michigan Quad Meet. Lastly, stellar performance for the 400 Free Relay, splitting a 45.66. Gaining about 3 body lengths back in the 3rd leg. Hell of race to watch. Curious to see what JP & JT put him in at leagues. Check the last event out below...


3. Hope Divers --- Divers are people too!! Hope sweeps both boards and gets HMS back in the meet. Grant Williams wins both boards and flexes his swimmer muscles and earns 1 point in the 50 free with a 23.16 #DualThreat

Stand Out Swims:

Andrew Dwan (Hope - FR): Dwans grabs 2nd in both the 100 and 200 free (49.9 and 1:49). Clyde secures the bag in both, but those 1,2 finishes earn Hope a nice chunk of points.

Liam Faber (Hope - FR): More 2nd place finishes here in the 100 & 200 breast and 400 IM. Hoping to see him show out in the 2breast at leagues and in the next few years.

Overall great meet for the Hope - Kzoo Rivalry. RIP In Peace to Kzoo's pool but cheers to the new one on the way.
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Re: Hope v Kzoo

Postby c-relay » Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:29 pm

Big meet INDEED! Still surprised that KZOO stacked the 2 med, was a guaranteed win for KZOO easy points, could have made a difference down the stretch. Big grab for hope in the 200 free by Dwan (1:49.07) 2nd place. Sakalys-moore & Ambs did well in the backstrokes to touch out Hope. Hope goes 1,2 in the 100 free. Maybe if Stille showed up on time for warm-up that would be different. Faber from Hope stepped up in the 2 breast and 4 IM for some notable points. Engle also decided to race in the 500 for a needed 1st place for Hope. Howrey of Kzoo solid races bringing home 1st in the 2 breast and 4 IM. Diving played a key role for Hope scoring 20+ points, without Kzoo would have crushed Hope. (Williams breaks school record in 1m)

All came down to the last relay
Hope Dwan 50.35 Weigle 49.95 Keith 45.66 Clyde 47.60
KzOOstille 48.96 Durden 48.37 Roberts 49.13 Shaker 47.71

Dan Keith goes a 21.6 to his feet and crushes his leg for Clyde to show no mercy for Kalamazoo.

Last meet in K's pool, on senior night for them to lose to their #1 rival definitely has to leave a bad taste in their mouth. Maybe some more preparation on the coaches side for lineups could have helped. Keith and Clyde showing why They are the Bad Boys of Hope College.

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Re: Hope v Kzoo

Postby Unionsteels4 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:49 pm

Very close meet on the men's side. Some of the bigger names, times, and notes for each side

Dan Keith- 53.3 100 bk, 1:58.1 200 bk, 51.3 100 fly, split a 45.6 :o on the 4 free relay. Took first in everything. Starting to pick up speed here. Could be a big contender in pretty much anything come late Feb

Grant Williams- 313 on 1m, 293 on 3m. Won both boards. These hope transfers man

Dan Clyde- 1:48.1 200 fr, 49.0 100 fr, 2:18.2 200 br. Relatively quiet day, still won 2 events. Split 47.6 on the anchor to hold of Sharif

Honorable mention: Liam Faber and Andrew Dwan. The freshmen took some big 2nd place swims to get it down to the final relay

Sharif Shaker- 25.1 lead off 2med, 1:59.6 200 fl, 53.2 100bk, achored with a 47.7 in the 4 free relay but couldn't quite track down Clyde. Wont ever understand why they put someone as talented as Shaker in just 2 individuals

Matt Howrey- 27.9 in the breast leg, 10:15.3 1000 fr, 2:14.3 200br, 4:17.4 400IM. A Dawg. Swept his events. Can't wait to watch this kid at leagues

Grant Stille- 22.2 50fr, 49.9 100 fr. Makes up for getting outtouched by Dwan in the 100 by DESTROYNG him in the opening leg of the 4 free relay (split 48.9). Guess he warmed up this time?

Honorable mention: Grant Anger. Anger wins the 100 br, touches out Clyde for 3rd in the 200 br
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Re: Hope v Kzoo

Postby Sheev » Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:29 pm

What a ridiculous meet. This is what MIAA swimming is all about. Shoutout to HMS for pulling it off against KZoo in the last meet at their natatorium. I'm sure that felt good after finishing behind them in the quad meet last weekend. Looks like the rubber match will be at MIAAs.

Wanna touch on a few notes/swimmers that haven't been mentioned quite yet:

Shoutout to the women for swimming The Long One in this meet compared to the 1000 for the men.

This year has been a very solid reload for Hope after losing several key contributors last year. This team will be very competitive very soon. Transfers like Keith and Swiver Grant as well as freshmen Dwan/Weigle/Faber are pointing this team in the right direction.

Sakalys-Moore is going to be a very solid backstroker for KZoo. Could make some noise in February.

According to the results sheet, Hope had a ghost swimmer for their third leg in their C relay in the 4 free.

Howrey is deservedly getting a lot of praise in this thread but I just want to point out that 4:17 4 IM time is ridiculously good for in-season. That'll be a great race at MIAAs along with Huttenlocher and Clyde.

Keith's 45.66 split has gotta be close to an in-season record. I tried to compare this split to last year's MIAA finals but couldn't find times. Also "Iceman" might be the most badass HMS nickname in years.

I'm sure I'm missing some other noteworthy stuff, but this is what caught my eye. An instant classic and a great meet from both teams.
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Re: Hope v Kzoo

Postby Big Papa » Mon Jan 21, 2019 4:11 pm

I'm not sure Kzoo got outcoached, I think loading up the two 2medleys was a fine call pre-meet.

Regarding Shaker
- He wasn't going to beat Keith in the 2back or 1back, and so Ambs and S-M were the right calls to get 2-3
- 200 free, Roberts is usually a good bet on the 2free to get second, I think maybe Shaker could have won, but he and Roberts are pretty interchangeable for the 2free (inseason) so going a possible 2-4 would not have changed the score
- 100 free? Stille is probably the best bet
- 500? Maybe, but it would be more important for him to try to beat a Dan then go after Jeff Engle

Regarding Roberts
- Maybe the 50 but you have Stille/Orwin to 1-2 so that's not huge

Regarding Orwin
- Showed he could sprint at the Calvin invite so 50free/100fly made sense what else would he swim other than both relays? 2fly? Shaker was already in that so that doesn't make sense to me

Regarding Stille
- Relays and both 50/100 make sense to me
- maybe 100 back, maybe

Regarding Anger
- swam both Breasts and the 4IM, him dropping the 4IM for the 500 would not have changed much

I think the line up makes sense from the Kzoo point of view. The biggest hole is diving for K, they were swept on both boards, and I would say why they didn't win the meet. The swim portion seemed to make sense to me, maybe save Shaker for a third individual but that is really the only difference I could see being made

However, that was a great meet. That 400 free relays were super insane to watch. I would say it even rivaled the 400 free relay from Conference. Fantastic send off to the old pool
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Re: Hope v Kzoo

Postby Archer » Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:00 pm

Crash Bandicoot wrote:[b]Gaining about 3 body lengths back in the 3rd leg.

Unfortunately, i can relate all too much to Robert's experience there. K used to have a guy who would run people down like that. He was always waiting on the anchor leg though...

c-relay wrote:They are the Bad Boys

Hope's answer to K's Bash Bros? Keith and Clyde combine to come home in 1:33.26. Anyone know the fastest combined split for Fleming and Baz in a dual meet?

I hope someone from Hope peed in the pool for the last time.
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