Albion V Kalamazoo

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Albion V Kalamazoo

Postby Big Papa » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:01 am

Solid meet for both teams considering the having the relay meet before. The result was never in doubt, but I am pretty sure this is K's best showing against Albion in three years. K also brought a lot of energy, lots of cheering on deck. Not sure what's up with "If we die, we die" but ok

Notable highlights

- Shaker/Anger/Orwin/Roberts beat Albions medley relay of Hagner/Krimbell/Kozycki/Anderson. Cemenicki did sit the relay, but I don't think he could have saved it
- I guess Howery is an animal, went 5:06 in the 1000, which is my guess a world record but Trueax followed up with a 5:07. So not sure what's up with that (Timing system clearly messed up)
- I guess Robertson swims breaststroke now?
- The K women divers are OP, thats all, Jake Burris through a 291, on the 1m nuts
- Stille is still out, not sure whats up
- Logsdon swept both Breaststrokes
- Howery also won with a hot 200IM time, outsplitting Kimbrell in the breast

Lots of 2nd and 3rds for K which is a good omen for Dirty Diesels Dudes. Albion looks strong with Taber gone, and everyone on the Albion side seems to be swimming pretty hot. The freshman Fogel and Trueax look like real standouts for the Albion men. This should be a good year for both teams
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Re: Albion V Kalamazoo

Postby SalParadise » Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:55 pm

Looks like Howrey and Tommy Wiseau ended up at 10:11 and 10:14 in the 1000.

Also, looks like a couple famous people joined Albion's team: Anthony Hopkins, and Ash(ley) Ketchum.
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Re: Albion V Kalamazoo

Postby RollTide » Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:40 am

So a couple quick takeaways from this meet for me.

-In one of my favorite MIAA traditions, the K men delivered a beautiful rendition of the national anthem. Not sure how it’s going to sound after choir leader Gus Guthrie graduates. It’ll be a big loss to their harmony and melody.

-K carried the energy momentum from conferences into this meet and was cheering loudly after every single heat. Rumor is that Albion had team meetings about bringing the energy, but they were no match for K in that section.

-I know Big Papa touched on the 400 medley, but Albion also didn’t have Moran on the relay. However, rumor has it that Anger isn’t 100% and Stille is out right now as well. Just how fast can this relay go when it’s at full strength?

-Now that Tanner Vincent has graduated, I would make the claim that Jake Huttenlocher is by far the most versatile swimmer in the conference. The man has no weakness.

- Kalamazoo’s Dougherty dives now?

It was a great meet and I look forward to seeing what both teams do this weekend as K takes on Davenport and Lincoln in a tri meet and Albion heads to Calvin for the Calvin Quad.

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Re: Albion V Kalamazoo

Postby StephenAd0nk » Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:53 pm

RollTide wrote:Gus Guthrie graduates. It’ll be a big loss to their harmony and melody.

Great guy.
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