Mid Season Check In

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Mid Season Check In

Postby Schiller » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:42 pm

Ran the Swimulator scores as of today. This is a projection of conference using current season best times. Max of 3 events per swimmer, no back to back events allowed.
https://swimswam.com/swimulator/?type=c ... n&heats=16
St. Thomas 814
St. Kate's 609.5
Gustavus 415
St. Olaf 387
Carleton 330
Saint Benedict 192
Hamline 128
Saint Mary's MN 117
Macalester 114.5
Concordia 93
Augsburg 59

Kate's got good real quick. If they keep recruiting at this pace, they'll be on St Thomas's level by next year. Here are the current break downs of the Swimulator points by class year. Kates is second with basically only freshmen and sophomores.

St. Thomas
Senior 289
Junior 140
Freshman 124
Sophomore 91
St. Kate's
Freshman 240
Sophomore 153.5
Senior 11
Junior 11

I think the GAC women are pretty under seeded here and will probably be closer to Kate's than Olaf/Carleton at the final meet.


https://swimswam.com/swimulator/?type=c ... n&heats=16
St. Thomas 847
Gustavus 654
St. Olaf 402
St. John's 333
Carleton 306
Macalester 193
Saint Mary's MN 133
Hamline 115

Nothing too surprising here. Thomas. Then GAC. Then everyone else. Olaf are missing times in two relays right now, so they appear to be a tier above Carleton and John's. The race for 4th appears the most compelling of any of the top 5 places.

Thomas's team is kind of in a weird in between spot. Absolutely crushing the conference, but they have zero points in the current nationals projection. Hopefully with a full taper they can get some guys into nats.
https://swimswam.com/swimulator/?type=c ... n&heats=16
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Re: Mid Season Check In

Postby Team Analysis » Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:03 pm

How many MIAC records does St. Kate's have so far this season? 100 breast, 500, 1000/1650? Anything elsE?
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