Points Lost

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Points Lost

Post by Flyinhigh » Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:37 pm

Some amazing swims in SUNY ACs this year. Some key graduations from certain teams to hit hard in the points category. Unsure of people who have quit or transferred, but based on graduations this is how many points will be lost from each team. Relays will be divided by 4 for each person.

Women: -272
Men: -261

Women: -93
Men: -226

Women: -179 This does not include Lauren Zentko whom I have heard down the grapevine might be transferring
Men: -209.5

New Paltz:
Women: -120
Men: -49

Women: -90
Men: -99

Women: -56
Men: -56.5

Women: -267.5
Men: -40.5

Buffalo State:
Women: -44
Men: -13

Women: -29
Men: -55.5

If my math serves me correctly and assuming I had no mistakes Geneseo takes the biggest hit with graduating seniors on the women's team while also taking the biggest hit on the men's side. Brockport takes a hard hit on the women's side, while Cortland loses key swimmers for the men.