Conference 2k15!

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Conference 2k15!

Post by VP2008 » Wed Feb 18, 2015 1:43 pm

Great first session today by all! Really glad that the Empire 8 is back and in full swing!

Couple of quick thoughts:

Miles Blaney went 4.31 and is right around the invite time from last year. Hope he can go 4.30 tonight just to be safe. Big swim for Hartwick and great way to start the meet for that team. It must be really energizing. I'm a little surprised at the lack of top end talent in this, but the depth is definitely there.

2IM was huge for Stevens, they put 4 in the top heat. Shout out to Gregory Markert of Ithaca for getting under that 2:00 barrier! Also, I always love a good swim off. I'm exited to see who qualified 24th between Kris Sanders of Hartwick and Tyler Nichols of Clarkson. Both are seniors so I'm sure they are gunning for that last spot. It would also be a huge boost for both teams points wise. Fun fact, they narrowly edged out Noel Haren of Union by .03

Great 50 by Nadareski, he had to be happy with that. Would love to see him right around 20.1 tonight. David Luke of Alfred is .2 behind. Looks to be a two dog race tonight. Lots of 21.mids so the rest of the field and middle heat look like crap shoots.

Question about relays: How does the finals session work? I noticed that several teams had their B relays qualify for the top and middle heat. Where does that leave the likes of Clarkson and Nazareth? Would they score points like if they were in the top heat? Or are they subjected to the boner heats? Do they have to swim in the boner heat or will they be bumped up?
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Re: Conference 2k15!

Post by arrion34 » Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:16 am

Unfortunately, I missed this event but for the next time I will definitely attend this event. So, please keep me updated. As, I have just stared a new business so attending such corporate events is really helpful for me.

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