New Head Coaches

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New Head Coaches

Postby mcphee » Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:17 pm

At least three new head coaches coming to the conference this year--Mac, Johnnies, Augsburg.

Who is best set up for success? How do we tell?

(mostly I'm just asking Schiller for a strong metric--is it time dropped? point totals at conference? recruiting strength? or something totally different?)

(somebody show me the spreadsheets!)
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Re: New Head Coaches

Postby Schiller » Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:15 pm

Returning points is usually a good pre season baseline until we get more information on recruiting classes. Gustavus returns the most conference points for the men, but that may be a bit deceptive. Thomas lost 8 seniors. Gustavus lost only 1. That leaves a lot of room on Thomas's conference roster to slot in freshmen/scoring capable people already on their team (which they have plenty of).
The Carleton/Olaf meet was super close last year and both teams lost 0 senior points so that will swing heavily on freshmen this year. A return to form from Pelutis and Nill could also help Olaf (they're the current favorite for 3rd in my mind because of those two).


Knowing nothing about recruiting classes I view the teams going into the season in the following tiers. It will take an unusually strong recruiting class for teams to jump up to the next tier. I won't be too surprised by teams within the same tier finishing in any order:
1. Thomas/GAC
2. Olaf/Carleton
3. Johns
4. Hamline
5. Mac/Marys

1. Thomas
2. GAC
3. Olaf
4. Carleton/Kate's/Ben's
5. Mac/Hamline
6. Concordia/Mary's/Augsburg
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