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New Moderator!

Post by Fleetwpat » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:18 am

Hello Centennial Conference Fans! My name is Patrick, also known as Fleetwpat, and I am the new moderator for the Centennial Conference forum. I look forward to talking about the intimate details of the CC with you all.

About myself: I am a 2006 graduate of F&M. Please take note that I am currently attending law school at Ohio State, so I will be a largely impartial moderator (very judge-like), and not an F&M-homer. Still, I was a two-time captain of the F&M squad, and very much enjoyed competing in the CC.

I just got back CCC, and want to hear everyone's thoughts on how the meet went, and what everyone thought of certain swims. As for highlights, MVPs Keira Heath (Getty) and Tom Grabiak (F&M) certainly had phenomenal meets, as did their respective teams. I thought that the women's meet was very fast this year, with NCAA qualifiers from four schools- Getty, F&M, Swat, and Washington.

What else does anyone got???!??!

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Re: New Moderator!

Post by Cali-man » Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:31 pm

interesting notes on the mens side:

200 free relay - dickinson freshmen came through this year to get 2nd to f&m, and that same squad swam to a 2nd at 2006 CCC in the same relay. continuing trend? perhaps, with 2 of f&ms swimmers graduating off that relay.

500 free - derek nowak, stephen shymon and matt young returned to defend their respective positions, with a strong showing from andrew frampton and freshmen standout matt violette. the race for 3rd was up in the air for a good portion of the race, with young holding off frampton and violette in the final lap.

200 IM - tom grabiak, mens outstanding swimmer, took down teammate and defending champion matt jaffee, with sterling satterfield coming in for a strong 3rd. greg mackinnon and chris reed fought lap for lap for 4th, with greg coming back on chris in the free.

50 free - close race, by any standard. douglas gilchrist-scott, peter fishler, phil rehders and chris soper were all relatively even going into the finish, with gilchrist scott out-touching fishler and rehders and ending the sweep.

400 medley relay - f&m defeated the field, with washington coming in 2nd and swat in 3rd.

200 medley relay - f&m bolted to another win from wire to wire, starting off by picking up a whole second on the field in the backstroke alone. the 20.5 from rehders more than made up for any loss in momentum and excitement. washington and swat come in 2nd and 3rd, respectively, with solid splits from washingtons dylan pollock and chris soper.

400 IM - derek nowak took his 2nd title home in the 400 im, but had to hold off matt violette off in the last 100. Violette had just swam the 200 medley relay as well, so a strong contender next year after nowak graduates. very staggered field, with the only neck and neck races happening in the last spots of the final heat.

100 fly - phil rehders returned to the stroke after a 2 year hiatus to capture the gold and hit the ncaa b cut on the mark. washingtons pollock and f&ms val perfanov took 2nd and 3rd. suprising swim from kalin pavlov, with seemingly no CC fly experience, placed fifth in a very competitive field.

200 free - f&ms peter fishler opened it up and brought it home against gettysburgs matt rush and adam taft. the kid cant seem to get his 50s in order, as his fastest split should not be his last 50. and with such a young heat of finalists (1 senior, 2 juniors, 2 sophmores, 3 freshmen) expect to see these guys getting faster together and creating a competitive 200 free final heat next year.

100 breast - tom grabiak ran this race with an iron fist, taking his b cut with authority and ending swats sweep on the 100 breaststroke for the last 10 years or so. chris reed took 2nd again and freshmen sterling satterfield of swat took 3rd. look for grabiak to go top 16 at nationals

100 back - 1-2-3 for f&m with matt jaffee,matt young and greg mackinnon who all 3 charged back on douglas gilchrist-scott in the final yards to take home the medals. gilchrist-scott led after the first 50, but could not hold on in the end. in a heat with no seniors, these men are sure to battle it out again in the following seasons.

800 free relay - for such a long race, missing the conference record by 1/100th is depressing for f&m, especially with fishlers 1:42.8 to bring them back within reach. chris soper dropped 4 seconds from his preliminary 200 free time to lead washington to 2nd, even though gettysburg had the most swimmers in the 200 free final heat (3). with a good recruiting class, f&m has its sights on next years relay.

mile - derek nowak punished the field, grabbing his b cut and beating the next closest swimmer by almost 40 seconds. lloyd tannenbaum threw himself into the mix, grabbing a 4th behind swat distance swimmers shymon and frampton, respectively.

200 back - adam taft of gettysburg picked up a win in b cut time, with f&ms matt young, matt jaffee and greg mackinnon coming in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. they must love training together by now, it seems to be working. all freshmen but for 2 sophmores in this heat means next year will be cutthroat.

100 free - fishler, gilchrist-scott and rehders all turned together at the final wall, but fishler had the juice to pull off an upset against the 100 fly and 50 free champions, respectively. matt rush, who was first in this event going into the prelims, exacted his seed time to take 5th behind chris soper.

200 breast - tom grabiak took the gold in a 2:05.9, obliterating the fields next competitor, sterling satterfield of swat, by almost 3 seconds. chris reed came in another 2 seconds after that. toms unusual technique might be the cause for his great speed, as it looks like he dives into the water in every stroke.

200 fly - dylan pollock surged through his last 100 to take the win over val perfanov and adam taft. the final heat was very spread out, ranging from 1:56 to 2:09. this event could use some incoming freshmen to strengthen it considerably, and since there were only 15 of 16 competitors, was it better to swim the event twice?

400 free relay - f&m took home the win, but not without a scare from dickinsons andy wade, who pounded down the last lap to come within 1.5 seconds of the winning team.

in conclusion - this conference is young. the standard bearers in each event are almost exclusively freshmen and sophomores, especially in the backstrokes, breaststrokes and IMs. recruiting is going to be a HUGE factor for the next 4 years as these swimmers start to cycle out through graduation.

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Re: New Moderator!

Post by bigman100 » Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:25 pm

400 medley relay - interesting race. matt young and peter fishler of f&m swam the B relay and outsplit their A counterparts by a decent margin, especially in the backstroke. but it wasnt enough to stop f&m from defeating the field, with washington coming in 2nd and swat in 3rd.

i'm not quite sure what the B relay has to do with the outcome of this race, but I am aware that the flyer for the B doesn't like it when people cut in line at the movies :lol:

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Re: New Moderator!

Post by Dorian » Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:39 am

I missed the meet myself, so I appreciate this thread. It sounds like it was a pretty good one too. Next year I will be old enough to join the competitive swimming league in my area. I am really excited about this and was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions on things that I can do to prepare myself for this. Next weekend my mom is taking me to look at some swimming pools at some places like swimming pools nashville. She is wanting to have a pool installed at our home so that I can train at any time, plus she has been wanting one for a while now. Thanks for the recap!
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Re: New Moderator!

Post by H2Orat » Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:00 pm

Me either.

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