Early Observations

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Early Observations

Post by stokes » Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:22 pm

Did anyone notice the messed up scoring for the Augustana-North Central meet?


It says Augie won 570-276, but if you use the correct scoring system it actually looks like North Central won the meet. I know the Augie-NCC rivalry isn't what it used to be, but this should be of note because it looks like the first time NCC has beaten anyone in recent memory.

If so, put NCC as a team on the rise. Not enough guys to do much at conference, but they'll score at least. Here are their mid-season grades:

A+ IWU - Swimming better than ever in the Fall. Will it affect the Titan taper or are Betzle, Firth and Busch going to go nuts this year? Women have won every weekly award this year.
B+ NCC - See above
B- Millikin - Some good sprinters in there, bet Yemm has them swimming better than they have since he and Sur were in the water.
B- Wheaton - Lot of seniors to make up for, but some freshmen starting to show promise - Provonsha and Bader swimming better than ever.
C+ R-H - Some good guys at the top, but will be in a dogfight to hold off IWU.
C Carthage - Ripley is tearing it up, but with Pelka/Schranck a slower (maybe training harder?) and Davis and Drake out they have holes
C- Augustana - Lots of guys, should finish ahead of NCC because they can fill 'B' relays

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Re: Early Observations

Post by RhymeAndReason » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:59 am

Wheaton is coming around finally. Coach is not putting together winning lineups, else they could of given Dupauw a run for their money (well, sans diving).

They are actually starting to look pretty solid. Painter has only swum at one meet - looks like he is a kid to watch.

50 22.8 Gallagher 22.8 Nahigian 23.0 Placeway
100 49.2 Provonsha 49.7 Gallager 49 (48.5rs) Cramer 50.9 Nahigian
200 1:47.3 Cramer 1:49.0 Bader 1:50.3 Gallagher 1:50.8 Hollman 1:53 Verhage
500 4:55 Cramer 4:57 Bader 5:05 Hollman 5:08 Verhage
1000 10:05? Cramer 10:19 Bader
1650 17:02 Cramer 17:56 Verhage
200IM 2:01.5 Provonsha 2:06 Conger 2:06 Gallagher
400IM 4:23 Cramer 4:23 Bader 4:27 Provoncha
100 Back 55.6 Painter 56.8 Conger 56.1 Bader
200 Back 2:00 Bader 2:04 Painter
100 Fly 53.6 (52.2rs) Conger 53.9 Gallagher 54.0 Morris
200 Fly 2:02 Conger 2:02 Bader 2:03 Morris
100 Breast 1:01.3 (59.8rs) Nitz 1:03.0rs Schemenaur
200 Breast 2:18 Nitz 2:21 Conger 2:22 Schemenaur
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Re: Early Observations

Post by swim5599 » Tue Nov 25, 2008 4:50 pm

I was thinking we would see some really great things from Carthage this year after what had happened last year and what they have added. But they are missing a whole bunch of guys that are listed on their roster. Anyone have any idea where these guys are?

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Re: Early Observations

Post by swim5599 » Fri Dec 05, 2008 3:10 pm

Smoking morning for Schranck 1:53.8 in the IM and 56.9 in the 100 breast

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