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DePauw: Reports from the Front

DePauw University, a school of about 2,400 undergraduates, resides just forty minutes west of Indianapolis in the town of Greencastle, Indiana.  An eighty acre nature park which is owned by the University can be found nearby. To continue reading…

April 7, 2012 0

Kenyon in New York Times

A cool story about Kenyon looking to get the title back is in the New York Times. Article.

October 27, 2011 0

Conference Athletes of the Week

We have seen 2 conferences name their athletes of the week. They are listed below. Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) Men’s Swimmer – Brian Fiorillo, Olivet Women’s Swimmer – Caitlin Lohr, Olivet North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) Men’s Athlete – Chris McLauchlan, Oberlin Women’s Athlete – Kellyn Caldwell, Kenyon Congratulations to all athletes. If other conferences…
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October 26, 2011 0

Denison Gets More Talk’s recent awards had them win “Break-Out Team, Male” while Gregg Parini was cited under “Impact Honor”. Also cited under “Impact Honor” from D3 was Lauren Beam of NYU. Congrats to all winners, though it’s a travesty that the D3 Championship didn’t win “Most Exciting Meet, Male”. Article

June 15, 2011 0

Kenyon Diving


February 22, 2011 0

NCAC Championship Info

NCAC Swimming Championship Website As stated on the site, live video will be available (for a fee). Best of luck to all the swimmers!

January 27, 2011 0

Lifting Thoughts

The team has successfully survived a great training trip down in Ft. Lauderdale and now we are putting this finishing touches are a great winter training block with taper only days away.  I’ve had chances to stalk some results to see how other teams are doing on their trips and their meets right after their…
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January 13, 2011 0

Mark Fino Interview

Facebook link or Oberlin Video Website link (he is listed first at time of this publication)

January 6, 2011 0

Slow Down

I love driving.  Many people find it boring, but I love long car rides.  The chance to drive 8-10 hours a day to a destination can be a fun game.  The speed limit is 55 so I push it a little bit and start going 60.  After an hour or two, the scenery is boring…
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January 2, 2011 0

Training Trip Bus Ride

Taking a bus down to Florida instead of a plane was a foreign concept to me.  I tried to mentally prepare myself for the monotonous hours spent sitting in the uncomfortable seats.  Twenty-two hours on the road, going through West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia before having to travel through most of Florida…
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December 30, 2010 0

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Many teams will be going through rigorous training during the next month to get in shape for championship season, and as the swimming all starts coming together the team starts to come together as well.  For some training trips just ended, for others training trips are about to begin.  While the in water workouts and…
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December 28, 2010 0

The Key to Fast Swimming – Part II

Part I. Power – The stronger you are, the more water you can pull, the faster your propulsion.  That is the basic theory behind power training.  This incorporates aspects of technique, intensity, and volume into the training.  This year the team has used power towers and parachutes on a regular basis, and the team and…
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December 20, 2010 1

The Key to Fast Swimming – Part I

The key to fast swimming is in the volume of yards you swim.  Or is it about the intensity of those yards?  Maybe the key to swimming fast is about the efficient use of energy through technique.  But being strong and powerful is important to swimming fast as well.  Well if power and strength are…
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December 17, 2010 3

And Now for the Airing of Grievances…

Dear D3 swimming coaches and voters, I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re all gonna hear about it! The most recent poll came out and the Kenyon women are ranked ahead of Emory, albeit by 3 points (god knows I have no idea how the scoring works). The fact…
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December 17, 2010 2

Dive Right In

Too often, divers get overlooked for their contribution to the team and many people do not honor and appreciate their dedication to the sport.  Yesterday, I had to witness the physical and mental toughness of our Wabash divers first hand.  Usually, I don’t get to watch Jake and Jake as much as I would like…
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December 16, 2010 1